I'm doing a research paper about Racism in France? Anyone want to help me?

I'm doing a research paper about Racism in France? Anyone want to help me? Topic: Social research article
June 16, 2019 / By Ava
Question: we're doing research papers about current issues in Europe & mies in on racism in france and how it's becoming a big problem. i need to make points on why it's a big problem and how can it be stopped. also these too: - Describe how these specific examples are representative of a larger problem. What is the general problem that you are researching? - Explain why this is an important problem. What are the costs (financial and social) to society? - Explain what may happen if this problem continue undressed. Why does this problem need to be resolved? i already have a good answer for all of these catagories, but i'd like some more help if you have anything to say about it(: thank you!
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Abby Abby | 7 days ago
being french and growing up in fréjus, i can tell you that alot of racism arises due to the increasing middle-eastern / african population. if you've followed the news or journal articles in france you can see that right now a bill is trying to passed to ban the vail in muslim woman (which i will vote to approve, it's not their culture but a choice forced on them by radicals, look at iran before the rule of the shah was interrupted, radical islamic men interpreted the koran [incorrectly] before woman weren't required to wear the vail). however, if it passes - i can see even greater dammage occuring to the french government and to the non-middle-eastern/ african people. but look at how france has accomotated the french-arabs/ french-africans also, they do not live in luxary - they live in compacted ghettos. they are treated very badly, but with the growing population in france and with the lack of housing in france (unless you are very wealthy or royalty, you will most likely live in an apartement) there is not much that can be done. from paris to fréjus, our streets are narrow and our natural land is slowly declining to accomodate everyone. during our presidential elections where sarkozy won, there was another named jean-marie le pen who made it part of his 2007 campaign that he would focus on immigration and deport those who were here illegally. at this moment france is 20% middle-eastern/ african. and it continues to grow, if the problems are not aknowledged then i cas say that the eiffel tower will become a spinaret to a new mosque [c'est une blague - ne vous en faites pas]. in true seriousness, if this problem is not aknowledge then middle-easterners, africans and french alike will battle to the end to settle this problem and this violence is not a solution. currently i am enrolled in arizona state university and i have seen what occurs with predjudice with this proposition 1070 and this news has maded its way to europe. hopefully this has helped.
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Abby Originally Answered: What is a good research paper topic about France?
The entire time period or one event during that time? I'd say the exile and return of Napoleon would make a smashing paper! Or, the two French governments during World War II, one pro-Nazi and one free.

Steph Steph
Have the folk unite and overthrow the government.. Take over the media and deliver actual effective messages rather of propaganda racism that exist already.. On build boards indicators have human beings of all races.. Have a ratio equipment with a even stability of regulation enforcements of many nationalities.. Throw away all those history books that talk approximately race.. There you have it, administration the textual content books, media, government and you have total administration of what message you prefer to deliver out.. in basic terms like in united statesa., the message they prefer for us is to hate Muslims, thats happening superb now.. different than i'm in comparison to maximum using fact i think of previous the container.
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Paddy Paddy
vixen may write or think any way she want. but the reality speak her self. why she comes up with a long explanation and end up "my boyfriend is blond blue eyes caucasian" We all know tha white Europeans are the cretors and promoters of the racial profiling and the racial descrimination. killing american indians ,destrying families in africa and brign them to america as slaves "my boy friend is blond blue eyes " (what is it ?) franch ,british ,italians,spain,portugal,germans ,rusians. at the same time I am writing this note ,a group of british and italians. are making a disaster in arizona state...making "law" to legalize the racial profiling . they call "illegal aliens" to native american indians when the truth is, europeans are illegal native american indian my self. "my boyfriend is blond blue eyes" You are right about it ,I don't care You can perfectilly wear a t shirt : " my boy friend is a blond blue eyes"
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Lex Lex
Why are a lot of Americans so racist........................… I'm sorry but I am tired of getting these stupid black and white questions because it is all based on Colour and of how they were treated from whites,blacks,asians, etc... I am a proud Canadian living in Toronto city and let me tell you what you guys find a big deal is nothing down here in Canada. Canadians treat everybody the way they want to be treated. Interracial dating works out atleast 72% of the time and nobody cares because everybody is doing it down here and I am one of those people. I am biracial / mixed (Half Latina Half Black) my boyfriend is European with blond hair and blue eyes and we both live in Canada in the city of Toronto and interracial dating here in Canada is more respected here. It works out atleast 72% of the time. My parents and his parents LOVE US Together! The colour of the persons skin has nothing to do with anything. We are in Love and that's all that matters. Racism is based on fear, or jealousy and most is show on the media. Racism in truth makes no sense. Judging someone on the color of their skin has never made sense. We are all the same race (human race) with different colored skin, eyes, hair, etc. Our attitudes, how we act, and life experiences are things that make us who we are more so than skin color. SPREAD THE WORD. Because these questions are getting boring and I am tired of coming here and seeing stupid questions get asked. I mean seriously over skin pigmentation..Get real people seriously!
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Lex Originally Answered: Hi. I'm writing a paper about why is there so much racism on the internet?
1) Yes, I think there is much more racism on the internet. I think there is more racism on here because people are behind computers where they can keep their identity a secret. 2.)Yes, I've experienced racism. I've experienced it too many times to count. Actually, a few minutes ago some white guy sent me a racist comment calling me the "n" word. 3.) It makes me feel like I'm in the 50's & 60's when I get on the internet sometimes. 4.) I think it will affect them both negatively and positively. It will affect them negatively because they're probably going to dislike a certain race even more. It could also affect them positively by making them aware that racism is alive and that people really do have a strong hate for others based on their skin tone. 5.) my age group is D.) 21-25 6.) No, that's all.

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